Greetings MintCoin Fans,

This update covers a short period of time, because I returned home on Sunday and will be leaving again tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.

There has been a lot of excitement in the MintCoinOfficial Telegram group, with the community moving forward with a draft white paperroadmap, and even a brand new web site. From the development point of view probably the most interesting part of this are the ideas around ways to decide on community priorities and provide funds to develop them, which is in the roadmap.

There was also a lot of negativity in the group. We're all minting together folks; please be kind.

Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers

Developers from Bitify have said that after the exchange goes live on 2018-04-01 there will be time to work on MintCoin development. One developer has a lot of experience and actually built a coin in the past, so this is really something to look forward to! (Okay, some people may be more interested to learn of a new exchange carrying MintCoin, but the development help is what excites us technical people.)

In addition we have an enthusiastic developer named victornor who is interested in looking at lightweight wallet development. He's just getting started, but is not afraid to jump in and try stuff out.

GitHub Repository Status

The official GitHub repository is:

No new issues were added in the few days since the last update.

However, all fixes to the wallet from my personal repository have been merged upstream, except for the ARM CPU build. At this point, the code is ready for a new wallet release, once we figure out how to do Windows and macOS builds.

Goal Recap

In the short time since our last update, our goals have not changed. We need:

  • A macOS wallet build
  • A 64-bit Windows wallet build

As with last week, we may be able to get an Apple machine lent for the purpose of building, or we may rent a macOS Virtual Private Server (VPS) for this.

Things that would be nice:

  • Speeding up the initial sync
  • Packages for popular distributions (like Debian and Fedora packages)

Things that should be done someday:

  • Wallet code automated testing
  • Reducing the memory footprint

Please contact us if you want to help, or just fork the code on GitHub and start hacking.

I'll be traveling for all of next week, so I will skip the next development update. Look forward to one around the end of March, when hopefully we will be talking about the new wallet release.

Until then, Shane Kerr

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